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notting hill housesOne of my favorite cities in Europe for many reasons is London.  First of all, I’m a sucker for the accent.  I just melt… what can I say!

I have been to London many times and always leave with brilliant memories.  However this incident left me with questions…

Walking through magnificent Hyde Park one typically gloomy afternoon in the late 80’s, I came upon a “Proper English Gentleman” strolling towards me.  He was wearing a black suit, white gloves, a bowler hat and an umbrella was in the crook of his arm… looking as if he had just stepped out of a Dickens novel.  I was intrigued and bowler hatapproached him.

He appeared to be in his mid to late seventies and not particularly handsome.  He smiled with tea stained teeth and called out to me, “Miss?”  Looking into his light blue eyes he looked tired yet eager to converse with me.

I wanted to know what he did for a living as a young man, and why he was wearing what appeared to me to be “unusual” attire.  Did he carry the umbrella even when the sun was shining and was he a “lord” or a “sir?”  Where were he and his family during the Blitz in London?  Or perhaps he was a butler working for an aristocratic family just around the corner.

Then, he said it again, “Miss?”  I had so many questions… I took a deep breath… and all I could muster was, “which way to Buckingham Palace?”

I did have an opportunity years later to speak to three gentlemen (who were of three generations) on the Chunnel to Paris.  They were as interested to converse with an American as I was with them!  Much more about London and other destinations in future posts…



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